Ophthall 2018

First of its kind of exclusive Practice Development Conference for eye hospitals


Ophthall comes from the combination of Ophth– meaning Ophthalmology and All– meaning everything in Eye Care. We seriously felt that most of the Ophthalmology Conferences are not addressing the important issue of Practice Development. .

Why is no one teaching us how to practice? Was a question which was bothering us and this led to the conceptualization of Ophthall. Ophthall 2018 is India’s first Practice Development Conference for Ophthalmologists, Eye Hospital Managers, Optometrists, Technicians, Nurses and anyone working in and for Eye hospitals

Ophthalmology Practices today must handle too many challenges right from Finances to Regulatory issues and we are sure participating in Ophthall 2018 will definitely help you handle these challenges in a better way. This conference will break all traditional conference formats and hence we prefer to call it an Unconference. The two days’ sessions will focus on four Categories:-